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Hi! My name is Mary Kate Humphrey and I'm so glad you are here. I imagine us sitting on my back porch, drinking coffee and sharing about all the lovely and hard together. Entering into the "brutiful" work with you of parenting, teaching, and serving children with brain-based disorders is my favorite. 


Professionally, I work as a consultant and trainer to educate families, teachers, and mental health clinicians on how brain-based disorders, early childhood trauma (including foster care and adoption), and mental health needs often manifest in challenging behaviors. It is my superpower to help children be seen fully in their strengths and to have their needs be truly met. I believe deeply that environmental changes and accommodations aren't a kindness that we offer, but a given that we all require. I want to help you navigate the strengths and needs of those you love and serve. 

Often clients contact me because they are finding that traditional parenting and teaching are not working for the children in their lives. I combine my training as an early interventionist,  FASD and autism specialist, special education teacher, trauma and adoption competent behavior specialist, and attachment parent coach together to help you discover the hidden (and not so hidden) ways to meet the needs of the children in your care. Using evidence based treatment modalities as well as Nurture Nature Family curriculums, I offer weekly classes, monthly trainings, consults, and direct 1:1 services to families, professionals, schools and organizations.   

With a strong background in child development, I am also in graduate school at Columbia University 

 pursuing my Masters of Social Work. After consulting in the mental health world for years, I knew it was time to blend the two worlds more. It is my hope to continue being trained in evidenced based treatment options and working to make them accessible to children with brain-based differences.

Personally, I am walking this road alongside of you in my neurodiverse family, parenting my children who regularly make me laugh and cry with their creativity and mischief. I live outside the city with my family formed by adoption and birth, a lot of animal critters, and a whole host of trees which I try to find myself under as much as possible.  

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